Schedule Mindfulness based Psychosynthesis Training

The schedule of weekends of the first year, has been designed utilizing the "egg diagram" as a reference point while introducing new practices each month. The first weekend begins with the current state of mind: exploring the field of consciousness and the middle unconsciousness utilizing the tools of mindfulness and disidentification. The second weekend explores the higher unconsciousness utilizing the tools of contemplations, guided imagery and compassion meditation. The third weekend delves into the lower unconsciousness to explore habitual behavior patterns utilizing bodywork, guided imagery, and symbolic artwork. The fourth weekend begins to reconcile and integrate internal conflicts pointing to the possibility of synthesis utilizing tools like visualization, and behavior modification. The fifth weekend explores the experience of authentic willful functioning and introduces the method of "ideal model" and the open method of meditation (vipashyana). The last weekend explores the developmental model of personal growth, the role of existential crises, peak experiences, coping mechanisms and wounding, and the tools of accurate (spiritual) empathy of an external unifying center. Tom Yeomans offers a seminar on Soul Work.

The second year of training will follow and expand on the same topics of the first year, with more emphasis on applying the principles and methods in working with others in a non-clinical context. Using role play in small groups of three or four allows for a safe opportunity to work with the principles and methods. Distance learning students are encouraged to practice with each other using Skype or to find a "willing volunteer" locally to practice with. Further, Ann gila will pressent a long weekend on psychosyntesis therapy offering multiple demonstration sessions.

Thw third year of training is organized around clinical topics including trauma, anxiety/depression, addiction, dissociation, interpersonal issues, and Soul work. Applications and conceptualizations from psychosynthesis and mindfulness on each topic as well attention to countertransference is included. Trainees are expected to bring in clinical questions from their own work. Tom yeomans will contribute through discussions of three demonstration sessions.

                        "Happiness and compassion can be regarded as skills
                             that can be enhanced through mental training"
                                                                      (HH Dali Lama)     


.last updated 6/20/16